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  • Bring on the Color!

    Every morning when I enter our building, I always get a fresh jolt of enthusiasm from the explosion of color in both the art gallery and the knit shop. I just love color! With that being said, the color forecast for this fall and winter should be much more cheery than usual. Instead of the black and grey that have become the norm, the colors for fall/winter 2016 are muted tones of blue, lilac, taupe, red, yellow, and green. TNNA, our knitterly trade show, is only three weeks away, and with all the yarn the sales reps have been showing (in such glorious colors!), I can’t wait to go and see what’s available. I hope you are checking our Facebook page regularly for inspiration. Not only do we have some amazing completed projects posted there, but we’ll soon have lots of new-yarn announcements. We’ve already ordered a couple of new lines, and we know that you--our knitters--won’t be disappointed! It’s all in a day’s work here at Personal Threads Boutique, where we always strive to offer the very best yarns to our customers.

  • Cascade 220 Superwash

    Maintaining Personal Threads Boutique as Omaha's premier yarn store for over 21 years is always exciting.  Trying to show you, our customers, the very best and newest yarns is our constant goal.  We take our motto "Your Personal Yarn Store" very seriously.

    Because we always try to meet our customers wants, we have just received a shipment from Cascade Yarns.  Specifically, the 220 Superwash.  Two other Cascade yarns will arrive before fall.  We haven't carried yarns from Cascade for a number of years, we carried a lot of their line a few years ago, and we are very happy to once again feature them.  It's not easy to put a new line in but I'm happy that enough of our customers persisted in asking for this brand and we are able to bring it back.                          Joe

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