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  • Catching Up

    I wish I was a better blogger--I want to be, I try to be, but I’m just not. Please don’t misunderstand my silence to mean that there isn’t anything going here at Personal Threads. Quite the opposite, in fact! It seems like something new and different happens every day, on top of our regular store activities. With the addition of Emma, we now have five ladies to assist our knitters with their projects. As everyone knows, they are a remarkably talented and personable group.

    We currently have 17 two-hour instructional knitting sessions per week, and numerous individual help classes as well. When you consider that we also offer beginning knitting and crocheting series and seasonal project classes, you begin to comprehend how this sort of schedule can at times tax the limits of the shop. We would like to do more, but right now there just isn’t any available time. (The young ladies do like to spend some time with their families.)

    I’m currently looking forward to the autumn yarns that will soon be unveiled by visiting yarn reps and at TNNA market. It seems to come around so quickly, especially since some of our spring and summer yarns have just hit our shelves fairly recently. I’ve been given strict shopping instructions from all the PTB gals on what to look for and what to buy. (They have definite likes and dislikes when it comes to yarn!) The suggestions are always appreciated, as our goal is—and always has been—to offer the very best to our knitters.

  • New Yarns, New Classes!

    Every week we are receiving new yarns: Rowan, Koigu, Malabrigo, Mountain Colors, Noro, and many more (simply the best brands, of course!). The spring TNNA market is always anxiously anticipated, and this year was no exception.  Searching for new products and services is both exciting and stressful. We have to say, we're rather proud of the things we found this year.

    Our current set of classes includes Beginning Knitting, Fix-It 101, the Building Blocks afghan, and Crochet for Knitters. This year we're putting an emphasis on working with color combinations. We have Omaha's finest inventory, so we always have many yarn choices for our knitters' projects. Check out our Facebook page to stay abreast of the latest arrivals and be inspired by our customer show-and-tell posts.

    Last but not least, plans are in the works for this year's No Knots Knitters Retreat, at the scenic Lied Lodge in Nebraska City. The retreat will be held on October 10th & 11th. If you're interested in a knitting-packed weekend amidst beautiful foliage and fun knitters, please contact us for more information. Thanks always to our Personal Threads knitters for making us Omaha's Finest Yarn Shop.

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