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  • Catching Up

    I wish I was a better blogger--I want to be, I try to be, but I’m just not. Please don’t misunderstand my silence to mean that there isn’t anything going here at Personal Threads. Quite the opposite, in fact! It seems like something new and different happens every day, on top of our regular store activities. With the addition of Emma, we now have five ladies to assist our knitters with their projects. As everyone knows, they are a remarkably talented and personable group.

    We currently have 17 two-hour instructional knitting sessions per week, and numerous individual help classes as well. When you consider that we also offer beginning knitting and crocheting series and seasonal project classes, you begin to comprehend how this sort of schedule can at times tax the limits of the shop. We would like to do more, but right now there just isn’t any available time. (The young ladies do like to spend some time with their families.)

    I’m currently looking forward to the autumn yarns that will soon be unveiled by visiting yarn reps and at TNNA market. It seems to come around so quickly, especially since some of our spring and summer yarns have just hit our shelves fairly recently. I’ve been given strict shopping instructions from all the PTB gals on what to look for and what to buy. (They have definite likes and dislikes when it comes to yarn!) The suggestions are always appreciated, as our goal is—and always has been—to offer the very best to our knitters.

  • Fall Has Arrived!

    How do we know?  Once again the sales reps are making appointments and showing up with their "Spring/Summer" yarn offerings.  Meanwhile, we at Personal Threads are in the middle of our current project classes.  Meredith's "Building Blocks Blanket" has had tremendous interest.  It's a fun and lovely project.  Also, her "Beginning Knitting"continues to be a hit, as is her "Yipes Stripes" color-work cowl.  Amanda has the "Modern Granny Square Afghan" class in progress.  Her efforts to promote and expand interest in crochet are showing great results and is improving an area of the needle-arts in which I feel we have been a little lacking.   Rounding out our classes for the remainder of the year are Hayley's "Felted Clogs," her "Continental Knitting," and "Stranded Knitting 201" sessions.  Summer completes the list with another of her favorite series, this one being "The Noro Blanket."  We will finish these before the end of the year.

    Even this week we have received new yarns into the store.  Wonderland Yarns Mad Hatter is a yarn we have admired for awhile and are now pleased to offer.  Noro's Kureyon Air is another, as is the Freia Fine Handpaints.  We have introduced Bonnie Bishoff Shawl Pins, along with Coco Knits Knitter's Keeps and accessories.  The Knitter's Keeps sold out immediately and have been reordered.

    We always try to keep Personal Threads stocked with the latest and greatest, so check our Ravelry  and Facebook pages to see what's new.  We've been told they are both outstanding postings.  Happy Knitting!

  • Spring!

    I love spring! When we receive new yarns into the store, it seems like Personal Threads is always copying Nature’s explosions of color. The new Madelinetosh, Tosh Sock, rivals the fresh spring blooms that are popping up daily, and it’s being picked over very quickly. More has been ordered, along with another new yarn from Madelinetosh (stay tuned for more info!). Rowan yarns continue to be in demand. Cotton Lustre is set to make a big splash alongside well-loved summer classics such as Handknit Cotton, All Seasons Cotton, and Cotton Glace. Meanwhile, the folks at Classic Elite have added Santorini to complement their Sanibel line. Sanibel is a tonal blend of viscose and cotton, and Santorini is a gorgeous, variegated version of the same base.

    Classes are going extremely well. The Personal Threads ladies (Amanda, Hayley, Meredith, and Summer) are all recognized as being extremely knowledgeable and talented, and they do a wonderful job of conducting our classes. As always, we strive to offer classes with an eye toward expanding our knitters’ skills. We’re very much looking forward to upcoming visits from our yarn reps, and going to TNNA in May. We will continue to offer only the very best and newest yarns, and earn our title of “Your Personal Yarn Store.”

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